Apple’s support document regarding iWork for Mac.

In rewriting these applications, some features from iWork ’09 were not available for the initial release. We plan to reintroduce some of these features in the next few releases and will continue to add brand new features on an ongoing basis.

Good to know that they have not ditched these features. I believe it is a step backwards on the OS X front for iWork so that the suite can move forward together with iOS and iCloud versions of the apps.

I will gladly bite the bullet now and look forward to a future where the apps are compatible and transferable across platforms.

Apple has left the older version of the apps available because they know that people will still want the features and made sure that users had a choice which version of the apps they want to use.

In the meanwhile, you can continue to use these features by accessing the previous versions of the iWork applications which remain installed on your Mac. The previous versions can be found in Applications > iWork ’09.