There have been rumors going around that Stephen Elop would kill the Bing and Xbox divisions if he becomes the CEO of Microsoft. Despite the Bing and Xbox divisions not offering any clear profit just yet, they’re still integral to Microsoft’s long term strategy. It wouldn’t make much sense to just discard them.

Microsoft shouldn’t hire any CEO who wants to kill Bing and Xbox

It’s important to be a little wary of this kind of anonymous, unsourced commentary. It may not be accurate, and it may be agenda-driven. This kind of “thinking” appeals greatly to short-term investors who are more interested in boosting the next quarter’s numbers than the long-term health of the company. The anonymous leak could, therefore, tend to make Elop seem more appealing to Wall Street.

Conversely, the leak shows a lack of strategic thinking and somewhat undermines the Xbox One, a product that launches in a couple of weeks. That’s not likely to inspire confidence in a CEO candidate.