Line may not be as popular in western countries, but it’s extremely popular in Asia. Along with other players such as WeChat and Kakao, mobile messaging in Asia is a huge opportunity, and Line is well positioned to seize it.

Messaging App Line Now Brings In Nearly $100M A Quarter, But No Official Word On An IPO

The app has totally saturated Japan with 49 million registered users and completely upended the mobile gaming market in Japan, undermining the historical power of gaming platforms like DeNA’s Mobage network and GREE. These two companies ruled in the feature phone era, but DeNA has now seen its shares slide 32.5 percent while GREE shares have fallen 41.5 percent over the last year. Line’s rise, along with that of other apps like Tencent’s Weixin (which has 236 million monthly actives), shows just how volatile the mobile social networking and messaging space continues to be.

The official earnings announcement is impressive