Ars Technica reviews OS X Maverick after a month of use.

Responsive scrolling only works on apps that implemented it.

When Mavericks’ new responsive scrolling feature is working as designed, it draws sections of your window that aren’t yet on-screen so that they show up more quickly when you scroll down (or up). In apps that have implemented the feature (Tweetbot for Mac is one), scrolling is, in fact, pretty smooth. Unfortunately, the feature seems to have broken scrolling for other programs.

Multi-monitor is buggy.

Power button makes the computer sleep. This is rather disruptive especially when the Mac locks when it sleeps. Before Mavericks, the power button shut down the Mac and throws a shutdown dialog before it does so. Dismissing the dialog is a lot easier than having to log into the system.

In Mavericks, pushing that power button automatically puts the computer to sleep, no questions asked. You don’t need to push down on the button for any particular length of time, and there’s no dialog box to ask you what you wanted to do when you pushed the button (or if you meant to push it at all). And unlike some of our multi-monitor gripes, there’s no way to revert the button behavior back to its pre-Mavericks state.