Despite the simplification of the process, this could be a reasonable move to protect consumers, as not everybody might fully understand what they’re getting themselves into. The good news is that you can still sideload it, so there shouldn’t be a problem for those who still want to use the installer.

Google removes CyanogenMod Installer from Play Store

The reasoning given by Google is that the CyanogenMod Installer violates the Google Play Store’s developer terms by actively encouraging Android users to “void [the] warranty” on their devices. As we saw when we took the app for a test drive, the Installer does indeed de-hair the hairy process of unlocking an Android device’s bootloader and getting an alternate ROM installed; apparently, though, the Installer made things just a little too easy. As our Android expert Ron Amadeo noted, the CyanogenMod Installer is mostly a “one-way street,” without a quick way to return the device to its stock state—it’s certainly possible, but not with the same level of ease.