BBC reports that former Nokia employees have launched Jolla, a smartphone powered by open-source operating system Sailfish.

The platform – originally called MeeGo – was developed by Nokia, but dumped in 2011 in favour of the company adopting the Windows Phone system.

Nokia released just one handset running the software, the N9-00.

Antti Saarnio, chairman and co-founder of Jolla, told the BBC in May that MeeGo – now called Sailfish – had not been given enough chance to succeed.

The company wants to provide consumers with a more open operating system. Jolla phone is able to run Android apps. It remains to be seen if it will eventually support apps built for other platforms.

The phone’s ethos was to provide a more “open” approach to how people used their mobiles, a contrast to the relatively closed systems used on the iPhone and, to a lesser extent, Android devices.

“There’s different opportunities for people to get apps form different places, different stores,” he said.