It’s a little surprising that this attack seems to only work on Nexus devices, since phone manufacturers should theoretically be taking similar stock ROMs that the Nexus devices use and customize it from there. Of course, this attack has not been tested on all the major phones out there yet, so it’s possible that it could still affect some non-Nexus devices. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Google Nexus phones vulnerable to denial-of-service attack via SMS

The most common behavior is that the phone reboots, he said. In this case, if a PIN is required to unlock the SIM card, the phone will not connect to the network after the reboot and the user might not notice the problem for hours, until they look at the phone. During this time the phone won’t be able to receive calls, messages or other types of notifications that require a mobile network connection.

According to Alecu, a different behavior that happens on rare occasions is that the phone doesn’t reboot, but temporarily loses connection to the mobile network. The connection is automatically restored and the phone can receive and make calls, but can no longer access the Internet over the mobile network. The only method to restore the data connection is to restart the phone, Alecu said.