Peer-to-peer sharing of apps? That’s probably a developer’s nightmare, and it might just come true. The good news is that app piracy is already rampant on Android, and the Android Play Store is still going strong. Could the music industry have over-hyped the dangers of Napster?

Google Nexus phones vulnerable to denial-of-service attack via SMS

Swably, as he called it, is a peer-to-peer sharing app that allows users to upload and share free Android apps straight from your phone to anyone else using it. It’s meant to be especially useful for developers who can’t gain a foothold in the major app stores, but could also be used by less scrupulous users to share paid apps for free. The current beta app has about 4,000 combined active users on both the English and Chinese versions.

In case you’re wondering, it most likely will face some legal challenges due to the possibility of piracy. Swably’s solution?

“They said, ‘if you can get good traction, then we can get you a good lawyer.’”