Cell phone roaming charges are always exorbitant, but roaming charges for data have always been insanely overpriced. It’s not uncommon to hear of data roaming charges that cost thousands of dollars. T-Mobile recently introduced unlimited free data roaming in many countries as part of its “Uncarrier” marketing and now Three UK is also offering something similar.

With its Feel at Home service, users will be able to use their local UK allowances in the U.S. So if you’ve got an unlimited data plan in the UK, that plan will function in the U.S. too, as long as you stick to AT&T and T-Mobile.

With such moves by T-Mobile and Three UK, hopefully the rest of the carriers around the world will slowly begin to offer similar plans targeted at travelers. Until then, T-Mobile and Three UK will be receiving plenty of plaudits.

5 Reasons Three UK Just Changed the Global Wireless Market

Today Three, the UK’s smallest network (7.8m customers versus Vodafone’s 19.4m, O2’s 22.5m and EE’s 25.2m), announced the US has been added to its ‘Feel at Home’ service. Feel at Home means your allowances in the UK apply in the US, including all you can eat data for customers on those packages. Here are five reasons this could be a game changer in wireless: