Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch about the use of iBeacons to deliver location-based access to iOS Newsstand publications.

The tech is very handy in a number of scenarios, as in a coffee shop for instance, where the establishment could subscribe and enable access to full magazines to patrons who come in. It’s made even more convenient with the addition of iBeacons on iOS, as the whole digital handshake can happen automatically, providing the user with the best possible and most frictionless experience. Another possible use is in modernizing the doctor’s office, offering up publications in the waiting room that are more useful and more current than five-year old issues of Good Housekeeping.

When iBeacons for iOS 7 was announced, there was talk of using the technology to provide location-based marketing and triggers. It can also be used to help with indoor navigation. Incidentally, Apple’s recent acquisition of PrimeSense also points towards the possibility of Apple moving into indoor mapping and navigation.

The use of iBeacons is still in its infancy. I’m very excited by the prospect of what it can bring in the future. Imagine walking into a restaurant and the menu is pushed to your phone. You get to place your order on your phone and you get billed via your digital wallet.