Lightstrap is a new kickstarter project that brings a ring flash to your iPhone.

Lightstrap is a photographic lighting tool for iPhone 5 and 5S that enables you to shoot stunning photos and videos at night. No more blur and grain, just crisp vibrant photos with the distinctive look of a professional ring light. Lightstrap follows the flash on your phone so it works seamlessly with all camera apps.

This is a great concept. I hope it can meet its funding goal. The sample images look impressive. It claims to have 10 times the power of the built-in iPhone flash, but instead of packing it into a single spot the flash is a large rectangle. This would give a more diffuse light that would make portraits look more flattering.

But the makers Brick & Pixel do not stop there. They have also included the option to choose six different colour temperatures for different lighting conditions, and seven brightness levels so that you can specify the flash power you need. On top of that, it also functions as a video light.

I can only think of one more way to improve this product. Have a mirror in the middle of the ring flash for the selfie addicts.