Not every prediction comes true, but one of the more daring claims has surfaced from a Forbes article. According to the writer, Microsoft will be able to surpass Apple on the mobile scene in 3 years. If that does become a reality, it will be no easy feat as Apple is currently riding high with incredible profit margins and the enjoying popularity of its iPhone.

That being said, let’s not forget that Nokia is making some good inroads in emerging countries, which also means that Windows Phone is gaining some traction in those markets. If Microsoft continues and succeeds in integrating its core products, it is believable that Apple will have a strong competitor to deal with, assuming Apple doesn’t improve by leaps and bounds over the next three years. Will it come true? I guess we’ll find out in three years’ time.

Here’s Why Microsoft’s New Mobile Strategy Will Help It Overtake Apple In 3 Years

First of all, both Microsoft’s and Nokia’s dominance in emerging countries and the high demand for low cost smart phones will help propel Microsoft into the number two position globally (only the Android OS can compete here).

Second, as Microsoft rolls out its integration capabilities to business people across the enterprise through Office 365 and Windows 8.1, and to consumers through the Xbox, Microsoft will pick up a lot of new users that are looking for seamless app integration across their business and home lives. Most people will not want their information stuck in separate operating systems for much longer.