With Bluetooth low energy (BLE) appearing in an incresing number of devices, it’s not surprising to see devices being developed to take advantage of the technology. Similar to competitor Tile, the Elgato smart key aims to help you solve the common problem of forgotten car keys, or finding your car in a large parking lot.

Powered by a single CR2032 battery, the Elgato smart key has enough juice to last a good six months. Common and useful situations for the device include:

  • Tracking when your luggage has arrived on the airport conveyor belt
  • Tracking where your car is parked
  • Notifying you when you’ve left your keys behind

As Apple deploying its Bluetooth iBeacons in all of its stores and apps such as Newstand, Bluetooth is going to be increasingly prominent in 2014, so pay close attention to this space.

The Elgato Smart Key taps Bluetooth LE to help find your keys and remember where your car’s parked

There are many interesting use-cases for this, beyond that of finding lost keys or remembering where you parked your car. For example, you can put it in your suitcase, so that when it arrives on the conveyor belt in the airport, your iPhone will buzz to tell you it’s within range. You can just sit back, sup a coffee and let everyone else stand staring at that same orange monstrosity that keeps doing the rounds on the baggage carousel.