The issue of government spying has been in the spotlight ever since Edward Snowden’s exposé. Now several major tech companies are banding together at to call for the reform of government surveillance. We’re talking about heavy hitters, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, AOL, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo.

The principles that they’re calling for include:

  • Limiting Governments’ Authority to Collect Users’ Information
  • Oversight and Accountability
  • Transparency About Government Demands
  • Respecting the Free Flow of Information
  • Avoiding Conflicts Among Governments

There isn’t any promise that the government will listen and implement any recommendations from these companies, but they have a much larger voice than the average privacy advocate on the street, so hopefully their collective voice (and clout) will count for something.

Eight Big Tech Companies Demand That The Government Changes How It Spies And Handles User Data