Cloud storage companies are all jostling to have us upload our photos and videos to their servers. Companies such as Google, Dropbox, and Flickr have already included automatic uploading features to their apps. Now Amazon had added support for automatic video uploads on iOS, a feature which has already been available on Android before this.

Videos up to 2GB in size or 20 minutes in length are supported. If you’re not planning to manually upload each video, you can just enable the app’s Auto-Save feature and let the app upload all the new and existing photos and videos from your device.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Adds Video Upload On iOS, And Finally An iPad Version

Amazon today added support for video uploads in the new iOS version of its Cloud Drive Photos app, which also now natively supports iPad and iPad mini. The update comes over a year and a half after Amazon first introduced the capability to store videos in its Cloud Drive Photos service via the app’s Android counterpart. Its slow progress to introduce the feature on Apple devices goes to show how much Amazon values its iOS customer base. (Or rather, how it doesn’t).