Apple Insider reports on an Apple patent application for a smart dock that allows Siri to be used while the device is docked.

Apple’s “Smart dock for activating a voice recognition mode of a portable electronic device” filing clearly describes an iOS device accessory unlike anything the company has manufactured. Like third-party peripherals, Apple’s proposed dock can include a speaker, microphone and built-in screen, but goes further by allowing access to the Siri virtual assistant.

This means that the docks would be able to use the voice recognition features of Siri and the processing abilities of the virtual assistant.

In operation, a user would perform an initial setup that would include assigning an audio prompt, such as a spoken word or hand clap, that will be used to activate the unit and its services. For example, a user may want to set the prompt as a finger snap. When in listening mode, if the dock “hears” a finger snap, it will activate the iPhone’s voice recognition feature.