When someone says that they want to learn programming, the mental image that you’ll have is usually of someone tapping away at their desktop keyboard and reading reference materials in order to get started. Codeacademy is looking to change that.

The Codecademy: Hour of Code iPhone app which was just released aims to teach users the basics of programming within one hour. This is meant to be achieved in short bursts throughout the day.

While I’m not sure if learning to program from your phone and in short bursts is the way to go, but you can be rest assured that Codeacademy knows how to teach programming. The online programming tutor was founded back in 2011 and has raised a good $12.5 million in order to achieve its goal of bringing programming to the masses.

If you’re planning on learning how to code and want to get your feet wet, give it a shot.

Codecademy: Hour of Code app teaches programming skills to iPhone owners

The company’s first mobile app is starting with a simpler goal: to help iPhone owners “learn the basics of coding in under one hour” through a set of quick demonstrations and exercises designed to be completed in short bursts throughout the day.

Not to be confused with hacking in the movies.