If you’re having trouble logging into your iTunes account and noticing an error stating “FATAL::Unable to process your request. Please try again.”, fret not as you’re not the only one experiencing this issue. While Apple hasn’t given any official details on this just yet, the issue does seem to go away over time, possibly indicating that Apple is aware of the issue and is busy fixing it.

iTunes Store Users Being Kicked Out of Accounts with “Fatal” Error

While the first post appeared yesterday around 3 PM, our own account began to be afflicted by the issue last night, when an attempt to redeem a Digital Copy code on our iPad Air threw back the mysterious “FATAL: Unable to process your request” error, prompting us to “please try again.”

Repeated attempts failed, although we were able to redeem the code using our iPhone 5s. However, Thursday morning the apparent glitch also made its way to that device as well as iTunes 11.1.3 on our Mac as well, prompting a password reset that would up having no effect.

The issue appears to be affecting the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store and iBookstore, suggesting that the issue is system-wide, despite Cupertino’s system status web page showing “no reported issues at this time,” with green lights all across Services, Stores and iCloud.