The Telegraph reports that Samsung tried to cover up an incident of the Samsung Galaxy S4 catching fire.

The owner of the phone contacted Samsung regarding the fire. Instead of looking into the matter, they asked the owner to prove that the phone caught fire. The owner recorded a video showing the damage to the phone and power cable, and then he uploaded it to YouTube.

Samsung responded with a letter asking him to take down the video. The owner was also told that if he wanted a replacement unit, he had to agree that he was responsible for the damage to the phone and that it was not due to a faulty product.

On top of that, he had to agree that he would not talk to anyone about the incident. The phone owner posted another video revealing the details of Samsung’s letter instead of complying with their demands.

This is a poorly handled customer service incident that could have been avoided if Samsung had given customer service greater priority.

The phone owner was previously an iPhone user and had experience with exchanging a faulty unit with Apple, which he described as a straight forward process.

Apparently this is not an isolated case where a Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire. Earlier this year, a Galaxy S4 was reported to have exploded and burnt down a Hong Kong apartment.

It is extremely irresponsible for Samsung to attempt to silence a customer who was doing the public a service by creating awareness over a faulty device. Samsung should be addressing the issue and educating customers about how to use the device safely.