IFTTT is one of my favorite services. It works so unobtrusively that I always forget that I’m using it, though I enjoy the results of it almost on a daily basis. Adding support for location-based triggers is something that could be really useful.

A simple example would be if you’re required to fill out a time sheet every time you arrive at work, you could just set up IFTTT to do it whenever you arrive at the office, which would increase the accuracy of the timing, not to mention eliminate the possibility of you forgetting to do something.

There are so many ways that IFTTT can be used, and with this update, it’s only getting better. The location-based triggers currently only support iOS, but the Android version is in the works too.

IFTTT’s Ingenious New Feature: Controlling Apps With Your Location

Paired with IFTTT’s expanding repertoire of hardware channels—it works with the Smart Things home automation kit and various WeMo plugs—the new locational chops open up the doors to some obvious applications in the home. You could have it turn on your Philips Hue when you walk in the door, no fiddling required. The update also adds location triggers to some existing channels for popular social media sites. You could create a recipe that saved all the Instagram uploads from a certain region, for example, auto-snagging every shot of a wedding or a party.