Noah Nelson explains what Medium is for after John Gruber wrote that he does’t get what Medium is.

Sometimes, however, it doesn’t pay to view the world through a macro lens. The forest can be missed for the kerning on the font that spells out t-r-e-e-s. This is what I believe is happening here with those who look at Medium and go “Huh?”

Ev Williams lays the case for Medium out succinctly. He calls it “a new publishing platform.” That’s pretty succinct right there. Williams elaborates on the point this way:

One of our goals was to make it dead simple to write and present a beautiful story without having to be a designer or programmer. We also sought to help great ideas quickly find the right audience — no matter who they came from.

Medium is beautiful. If you haven’t seen it, go take a look now. It is so gorgeous that I feel compelled to write and post on Medium. It is immensely satisfying to simply to see my writing appear on Medium.