I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve opened an app that I want to use to do something quick, only to immediately be nagged by the pop up prompting for my feedback. There are even times when I try to put a star rating and add in some comments, but most of the time I find it troublesome, and I’m not the only with who feels that way.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has his solution, though I’m pretty sure it’s something that app developers won’t like.

Instapaper founder Marco Arment has also chimed in on this issue.

I’m personally hoping that Apple will revamp the app review mechanism and offer something that isn’t so jarring to the user.

Attention Developers and Publishers: Apple is Not Your Publicist

But in not recommending the modal prompt, this still leaves the problem open. How do developers solicit reviews from users without bothering them? In reality, they can’t. This is the Internet and its denizens want what they want the way they want it without any hindrance. To them, review reminders are the pop-up ads of the mobile era, a problem in need of a solution no one has yet to provide. Sure, we hate having to take the one second is requires to dismiss a dialog box, but in all the blog posts whining about this issue, no one has suggested any real ways in which developers can fix it.