Tech in Asia reports about AirHelp, a service that helps passengers claim compensation from airlines.

Airhelp believes that “you could be entitled to compensation of €250 to €600 ($344 to $826) if your flight is delayed by more than three hours, cancelled, or overbooked.” These claims can be filed even if the case goes back up to three years. Airhelp collects as many compensation claims as possible, processes them, and will take 25 percent commission out of every successful claim.

Co-founder and CEO Henrik Zillmer first got the idea when his flight got delayed for more than three hours and he wasn’t informed about his passenger rights. And when he found out about his rights, he was hit by a maze of links on the airline website when wanting to submit his claim. Afterwards, he did not hear back from the airline.

According to his research, “more than 20 million passengers every year are entitled to compensation (an average of €450 ($620) per passenger) but less than one percent actually get the compensation mainly because air passengers don’t know their rights and because airlines don’t inform them and make it as difficult as possible to claim it.”

You might be owed compensation that your airline did not inform you about. Or the airlines might force you to jump through a series of hoops before they finally pay you. Airhelp is here to, well, help you.