It’s often said that Snapchat is a popular tool for sexting, but regardless of whether you agree with that or not, there is no doubt that Snapchat is popular. The next question people should ask is “what about text messaging?”

After the Edward Snowden leaks, there has been increased interest in private messaging, but as we’ve seen, it’s not easy to be achieved, so could disappearing messages be the solution?

Depending on the situation, Snapchat messages can be requested by law enforcement agencies. The solution to prevent that would be to ensure that messages can’t be retrieved by the service provider itself, something that Wickr is currently promoting. Another alternative would be to check out Ansa which allows you to delete messages that you’ve sent to others in the past.

Suddenly, Messages Are Disappearing All Over—On Purpose

Wickr, a messaging service that completely erases your communication, uses military-grade encryption called CDH521 to safeguard your messages. The company uses a different key for every message generated on your mobile device, meaning you are protected from both hackers and law enforcement.

Wickr lets you send texts, picture, voice, video and PDF messages that have a self-destructing time limit of up to five days. When the message expires, a so-called shredder built into the application deletes it from the device’s memory. Wickr’s shredder works in the background of the device, rewriting all the data users trash—including emails, photos, and messages not stored in Wickr.