TechCrunch reports on Snapchat’s new feature that allows replays of its disappearing messages.

My least favorite part of Snapchat is mistakenly opening a video Snap when I can’t hear it, like in a noisy public place or when my sound is off. Snapchat tried to address that today with an experimental new Replay feature that lets you rewatch one old Snap per day. But by fixing that problem it created a much bigger one. It killed off some of its ephemerality.

Is Snapchat trying to reposition itself? I would think so. It added its Stories feature back in October to allow users to share posts that disappear after 24 hours. This latest addition is a big bet by Snapchat. Either it will turn out to be a success or it will diminish the appeal of Snapchat, just like how Facebook’s Timeline and News Feed changes caused huge uproars with its users. However, users are more likely to be less invested in Snapchat than Facebook, making it easier to ditch the service.