Apple announced that its iBooks Textbook and iTunes U Course Manager are now available in over 50 countries.

About a week ago, Walter Isaacson talked about how Apple should “disrupt textooks”. I am pretty sure Apple is already doing so. For Isaacson to comment that Apple needs to disrupt cameras and textbooks shows that he is probably better off at writing than analysing tech trends.

Sometimes we need to step away from our own little world and look at things as a bigger picture. I see people criticising Apple’s new iPad ad for paining a false impression of what the iPad is used for. They fail to realise that while they use tablets to only to surf social media, watch videos or play games, there are people out there who are making better use of their devices.

I have evolved as an iPad user. When I got my first iPad, I used it for entertainment, mostly gaming. But the iPad has since become a medium for consuming content for me. When schools and students start to embrace the iPad as something more than an entertainment hub, it will become a powerful educational tool.