TechCrunch reports on Whatsapp’s response to the report security flaws in its Android app.

Under normal circumstances the data on a microSD card is not exposed. However, if a device owner downloads malware or a virus, their phone will be at risk. As always, we recommend WhatsApp users apply all software updates to ensure they have the latest security fixes and we strongly encourage users to only download trusted software from reputable companies.

WhatsApp is shifting the blame to users for downloading malware. This does not address the issue of their encryption being cracked.

Google also needs to rethink the way they allow apps to access folders. Perhaps they can learn from how Apple sandboxes iOS apps.

For now, Android users should be very careful what apps they install as the exploit still works with the latest version of WhatsApp. Of course, if you don’t mind people reading your messages, then it’s not an issue.