While there were plenty of goodies to take away from WWDC, one announcement announcement in particular had me dancing for joy – iCloud Photo Library.

If there was one major aspect of iOS that needed improving, it was photo management capabilities. Whether you’re an iPhoto user or not, managing photos on the iPhone is a major pain. It was obvious that it was an issue that needed to be resolved, which birthed apps such as Loom (which was acquired by Dropbox) and Carousel by Dropbox.

One minor annoyance (albeit a first world problem) I have with it is that the accompanying Mac app is slated to arrive later. Of course, in a perfect world it’d be released together with iOS 8 and Yosemite, but I understand that with so many new announcements, even Apple’s resources might be a little stretched. In the end, I’d rather have a feature/software that arrives late and works well, than one that arrives early and doesn’t work as advertised.

The full details of iCloud Photo Library haven’t been revealed yet, but one thing that I hope is available would be the ability to mark specific folders to be stored for offline use in iOS

Now the waiting game begins.