Cult of Android wrote about how copycat Xiaomi blatantly ripped off Apple.

The allegations about Xiaomi copying Apple are “sweeping sensationalist statements,” Barra told The Verge. “They have nothing better to talk about.” Barra argued that, “If you have two similarly skilled designers, it makes sense that they would reach the same conclusion.”

Barra regards Mi as “an incredibly innovative company” that is constantly refining its designs.

As for the use of Apple’s Aperture icon in their product image on their website, Barra admitted to copying:

The Aperture logo being used as the Mi 3 camera is just silly. It was just like someone’s stupid mistake. They were cutting corners and they were looking for a good image of a camera lens; it so happened that the Aperture logo was an incredibly beautiful image of a camera lens. It was silly and stupid and they shouldn’t have done it.