Gabe Weatherhead wrote about his concerns about iOS 8 key logging.

This is what I found (quoted from the documentation):

  • All capabilities of a nonnetworked custom keyboard
  • Keyboard can access Location Services and Address Book, with user permission
  • Keyboard and containing app can employ a shared container
  • Keyboard can send keystrokes and other input events for server-side processing
  • Containing app can provide editing interface for keyboard’s custom autocorrect lexicon
  • Via containing app, keyboard can employ iCloud to ensure settings and autocorrect lexicon are up to date on all devices
  • Via containing app, keyboard can participate in Game Center and In-App Purchase
  • If keyboard supports mobile device management (MDM), it can work with managed apps

My interpretation of the documentation is that a keyboard extension can enable network access if it is for the purpose of improving the application. What improvements warrant this, is up to the app developer.

It is a concern I share as well. Why would a keyboard need to send keystrokes?