I previously used Air Display to create a secondary display for my Mac, which is useful when I’m on the road. The only issue I had with it was the fact that they needed to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and the lag associated with streaming the display over Wi-Fi. This new app called Duet uses the 30-pin/Lightning connector to link your iPad to your Mac, giving you a much smoother experience.

I still feel that the mouse cursor lags slightly, but it’s way more responsive than Air Display and well worth the $10. Seriously, it’s the cost of a fancy Starbucks beverage.

After getting past the price, setting up Duet was painless. I was up and running in five minutes after first downloading the app from the iOS App Store and then installing the free companion app on my MacBook Air (and rebooting). Duet found the iPad just as soon as I connected the USB cable. The company claims it can deliver a retina display at 60 frames per second with no lag.

via The Verge