Macalope on BGR putting words in Steve Jobs’ mouth.

BGR’s headline: “Here’s why Apple’s upcoming ‘iPad Pro’ will be a failure, according to Steve Jobs”

So, does Boy Genius Report believe its own headline? Seem like it doesn’t. Strange that it’s the headline, then. The page title is “iPad Pro Specs Leak: 12.9-inch iPad may have a stylus accessory.” Which is less salacious and therefore completely useless. No one’s reading that! Put the ghost of Steve Jobs in the title and now you’ve got something baby! Something wrong on many, many levels, sure, but something.

Click-baiting headline for an article that does not understand the difference between stylus as a tool and stylus as the main interface.

In 2010 following the launch of the iPad, Steve Jobs famously said “if you see a stylus, they blew it.” His comment targeted earlier tablet products that relied on styluses for input as opposed to focusing on finger input.


True! And guess what? He was right. If you need a stylus for the general operation of a tablet, it’s junk. Is a stylus good to have in certain use cases? Oh, guess what again, that’s a different question.