Business Insider reported on BlackBerry’s CEO stating that iMessage should be allowed on BlackBerry.

The CEO laid out his argument in a blog post on the BlackBerry website, 9to5mac notes. In it, Chen writes that it’s unfair for the government to tell big US telecommunications companies such as Time Warner, Verizon, and Comcas, that they can’t discriminate against some forms of data, while other content providers continue to do so.

Chen writes:

Unfortunately, not all content and applications providers have embraced openness and neutrality. Unlike BlackBerry, which allows iPhone users to download and use our BBM service, Apple does not allow BlackBerry or Android users to download Apple’s iMessage messaging service.

I didn’t think it was a case of BlackBerry allowing iPhone users to use BBM. It seemed more like an inevitable move to slow the exodus of BlackBerry users by letting them use the BBM service with iPhone users instead of switching to iPhone.

Nevertheless, this is quite a significant change of hearts since BlackBerry had previously claimed that iMessage is insecure.