AppleInsider reported on Samsung’s mobile profits plunging 64.2%.

Samsung Electronics reported overall Q4 operating profits of 5.29 trillion won ($4.9 billion)—a 36 percent year-over-year drop—but its Mobile division suffered a 64.2 percent drop in profits, falling from $5 billion in the year ago quarter to $1.8 billion in the December quarter.

How does that affect Samsung as a whole?

At the beginning of 2014, Samsung IM was contributing 70 percent of the company’s profits, primarily from smartphone sales, specifically from sales of its higher end Galaxy S and Note devices. Mobile division sales, which also include Samsung’s Chromebooks, Windows products and Galaxy Tab tablets, currently account for only 37 percent of the company’s profits.

How does that compare to Apple’s profits?

Apple’s overall operating profits for the quarter were $24.2 billion, up 36.9 percent over the year ago quarter. That means Samsung Mobile is now earning less than 7.5 percent of Apple’s profits while still shipping more phone units.