Cult of Android reported on the disastrous Samsung Galaxy S6 sales.

According to a new report, however, the next-gen Samsung Galaxy device is faring even worse than its predecessor — boasting sales of just 10 million units so far, which is about what the iPhone 6 managed in its first weekend.

The reasons are simple. You can copy the appearances but it is harder to craft a delightful user experience.

According to a follow-up research note newly issued by investment bank Oppenheimer the result is down to Samsung failing to provide any convincing reason for customers to go with its latest offering — even with its bolder-designed S6 Edge:

“When we look at Samsung’s flagship in 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge, almost all of its differentiators fall back to hardware: a cutting-edge CPU, curved display, iPhone-like metal casing, front area fingerprint sensor, and camera with OIS. At the same time, we see little improvement in Samsung’s software user experience, and no value-added to existing Samsung users who are on prior generations of devices.”

It might just be 1 million units less than the S5 sold in the same period last year, but when you realise that we are comparing sales of S5 to the combined sales of S6 and the S6 Edge, it shows how dire the situation is for Samsung.

Gordon Kelly wrote a brief analysis on Forbes.

Perhaps more concerning, however, is where this places the S6 ranges’ sales historically. Notably the Galaxy S4 shipped 10M units in 27 days while the much criticised Galaxy S5 took 25 days to ship 10M units. In fact it was the lack of growth from the Galaxy S5 that inspired the radical reboot of the line seen in the S6es.

Consequently for combined sales of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge to only pass 10M in a similar timeframe to the S5 and S4 represents a disastrous return. This is particularly true for the cheaper Galaxy S6 given Samsung has already confirmed demand for the Edge variant has been unexpectedly high.

All of which poses the obvious question: if Galaxy S6 Edge sales are performing above expectations, just how bad are Galaxy S6 sales?

I wonder.