Jason Snell wrote on MacWorld about 6 reasons to get excited about OS X El Capitan.

These improvements are on the top of my list of things to look forward to as well.

Spotlight – Cmd + Space is probably the key stroke combination that I use most often daily. I use Spotlight for tasks such as launching applications, finding folders and files, searching for snippets of text and code, making dictionary searches, and doing calculations and unit conversions. Really looking forward to natural language input. One feature I would like to see is the ability to add calendar events and reminders from Spotlight, like how Fantastical 2.

Notes – Great improvements to the app. Evernote has unfortunately stagnated and while I still use it as my primary note-taking app, I would gladly switch to Notes if it improves on how I can organise my notes and allow me to type in plain text so that I can easily use Markdown.

Safari – Pinned sites and muting sounds from tabs easily. Enough said.

Mail – The new swipe features brings me one step closer to finally stop missing Sparrow, which Google bought and killed. I tried Airmail and Mailbox. I like both but they don’t fit my workflow, and I have used Mail as my sole email app since OS X Yosemite.

Photos – I still swear by Lightroom. El Capitan might just push me to moving my massive catalogues to Photos. Or maybe not.