Les Orchard wrote about how The Verge’s web sucks.

Wow. Devtools performed a second reload of the page to get an overall performance analysis. This time it downloaded 12MB – a little over 7MB in that is JavaScript!

Just to put this in some rough perspective: Assuming I had a 1GB / month data plan, I could visit sites like The Verge about 3 times per day before I hit my cap. If I’m lucky, some or most of this will get cached between requests so it won’t be quite that bad. In fact, another report tells me that a primed cache yields 8MB transferred – so maybe 4 visits per day.

It is a big concern and something I have become conscious of after my data usage spiked last month, despite me being overseas and not using my data plan for a week. Websites need to be more responsible with how they push content and advertising to us.

The web is stuffed full of call-to-actions, social media buttons, advertising, making the whole experience of surfing the web unbearable. I hate websites with ads that cover the content, making you unable to browse the site and leading you to inadvertently tap on the ad.