Re/code reported on Apple Pay competitor CurrentC possibly not launching until next year.

CurrentC, the payments app being created by a consortium of big retailers known as MCX, may not launch widely this year as originally planned, MCX CEO Brian Mooney told Re/code in an interview on Tuesday. The company will begin a public pilot of its app in Columbus, Ohio, in a few weeks and will not rush a wider rollout if the product is not ready, he said.


MCX attracted a bunch of attention last year when two of its member merchants, CVS and Rite Aid, shut down support for Apple Pay after briefly accepting it as a payment option. On Tuesday, though, Rite Aid said it would start accepting Apple Pay later this month, and other MCX merchants such as Best Buy have announced plans to accept Apple Pay later this year. MCX members had signed exclusivity agreements which prevented them from accepting competitive wallets, but those expire this month — so it’s quite possible we will hear about other MCX retailers choosing to accept mobile wallets other than CurrentC.

One more reason not to use CurrentC.