Lee Paterson wrote on waitingtoDownload about his week without the Apple Watch.

My first full work day without my watch was an interesting one, I found myself looking down to check the time on my wrist rather than my phone. It’s a habit that developed quickly once I started to wear a watch again and obviously missed.  All I can do is laugh to myself when all I see is skin (then turn around to make sure no one saw me)… 

I have done that several times when I just woke up. Lift my wrist to check the watch, only to realise I haven’t put it on.

Aside from checking the time (and date) I’ve found myself missing complications. I frequently use the timer one when I’m cooking and resorted back to the good old kitchen timer this week.  Complications have become part of my information stream I use the MODULAR watch face that shows me my next appointment, activity levels and a timer.  I’ve missed being able to see this at a glance and reached for my phone more that I’d like.

The timer has been very useful. I have started using it for my pomodoro session.