There’s been some noise recently between Apple and Spotify, which shouldn’t be surprising, considering they’re currently in the midst of fighting to be the king of music streaming.

I just figured I’d toss my two cents in too.

While pricing and content is obviously one of the key factors to the outcome of this, I feel Apple really needs to double down on the interface of iTunes and Music (on iOS). It’s currently hell to navigate. With iOS 10 and macOS Sierra around the corner, things should be getting better, but there really needs to be less horror stories about iTunes/Apple Music messing with your music library. I personally have stopped using iTunes and Apple Music, since it totally poisoned my music library. I was already dabbling with Spotify then, but I’m all in now. I’m more than happy to revisit Apple Music when Apple gets its act together, but on the current trajectory, it doesn’t seem that it’ll happen anytime soon.


Based on several Apple Support threads, it appears that the most recent version of iTunes 12.3.3 contains a database error that affects a small number of users, and can potentially wipe out their music collection after the update. The error has been mentioned a few times, primarily on the Windows side, in the weeks since the 12.3.3 update, but appears to be rare enough that it hasn’t previously received major press. Apple did put out a support document shortly after the 12.3.3 update that walks you through some fixes if you find that your local copies of music are missing.

Focus should really not be on having anything like the above happen, instead of maybe buying Tidal.