Manton Reece wrote about the Dropbox, iCloud, and GitHub on the iPad.

The trend to new iCloud-first apps like Ulysses and Bear is fine. It doesn’t appeal to me, though. I use Ulysses on the Mac because I can sync with Dropbox. There are so many Dropbox-capable iOS text editors that I feel confident using my current favorite and switching whenever I want.

Although I was an avid user of Dropbox, moving to China has forced me to change how I use my apps, especially cloud services. Dropbox is blocked in China so I need a VPN to sync Dropbox.

Apple has an advantage in China because iCloud, well, just works. Until there is widespread support among apps for Aliyun, Baidu Pan or Weiyun, the big names in Chinese cloud storage, people in China will likely stick with iCloud. Even then, I don’t use hardly use these services so there is no push for me to move away from iCloud despite its shortcomings.