Gang Lu wrote that Apple’s “most advanced” features are already commonplace in China.

The title is a perfect clickbait. After he goes on about how he has been a loyal Apple fan, he then laid into Apple for the disappointing new iPhone.

Those who praise iPhones’ borderless screens, they should take a look at Find X; those who claim iOS is the only smooth operating system, they should at least try MIUI; those who commend the big screen of iPhone Xs Max may have not heard of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, all which have bigger screens. Those who compliment iPhone’s dual-camera system may not know that Huawei’s P20 Pro already supports tri-camera.

The whole point of having an iPhone is the joy that the whole package brings. So it’s rather pointless to look at each of the individual feature and say Apple wasn’t first. It was never about being first, although Apple managed to be the industry mover in certain aspects. The whole Apple DNA is about producing the best user experience, be it through refining or rethinking existing solutions and technology, or by creating something truly new and unique.

I use MIUI on and off. I hate the keyboard. Don’t tell me there are third party solutions. The OS itself should be solving this issue. Not sure why there’s a need for a sweeping statement that iOS is the only smooth OS. Unnecessary over-exaggeration.

Why are there people applauding a large screen iPhone but scoffs at large screen Android phones? These are the people who appreciate the attention to detail and the effort it took to produce a phone that is truly a great experience to use.

What’s the use of having three cameras on a phone? Dual camera systems are useful because they give the user the choice of shooting wide or telephoto. They also helps the software to gather data in order to produce mask the scene and blur our the background with software rendered bokeh.

Why are some manufacturers jumping on three, four or even five cameras on the phone? Does more cameras mean better photos? Or does it mean that they are trying to make up for their less advanced software by gathering more data to compute with?

Those who are stunned at a dual-sim card may not understand dual-sim card has been extremely normal in China for years and it’s totally a Shenzhen-developed tech.

I don’t think people are stunned by a dual-sim offer. Most of the people I know aren’t. What they are pushing for is a SIM card and eSIM combination. Unfortunately, due to regulatory issues eSIM isn’t available in China, hence they are only able to offer dual-sim.

It’s not an innovative feature. Rather, it is hard work getting the various telcos from different countries on board with providing eSIM on the iPhone.

I don’t understand why Apple is so proud of building the biggest iPhone of all time. Why don’t they mention the aspect ratio? Furthermore, I can’t figure out why emphasizing the battery of the new iPhones can last 30 more minutes than iPhone X. Why not tell if new iPhones support the quick charge function?

Perhaps something is lost in translation. The article was translated from Chinese. And also perhaps he didn’t quite understand how Apple’s marketing is expressed.

Apple isn’t proud of building the biggest iPhone to date. Not the biggest iPhone of all time, Jiefei. But rather, they are stating that this is the iPhone with the largest screen they’ve ever made. They are presenting the product that they are proud of and highlighting a feature. Not big screen pride.

Not quite sure what’s the issue about the aspect ratio, but emphasis on the battery life is a nod to the hard work done by the engineers to improve on the technology, both hardware and software. You get faster processing and yet still increase the battery life despite the greater power drain.

What would be the point of saying if the iPhone supports quick charge? If the battery life can last through the day, why would quick charge be a necessity? Fast charging wears the battery faster. If an average user can get through the day with a single charge, why would they need fast charging? Just plug the phone before you go to bed and you’ll be ready to go the next day.

I understand it’s a rant by an Apple fan frustrated at the lack of shiny in the new iPhone when compared to other phones. My take is to appreciate how the whole package comes together and appreciate the shiny new iPhone.