Jill Shen reported for TechNode on Mobike rebranding as Meituan Bike, and fully integrating into Meituan’s app.

Chinese bike-rental company Mobike will rebrand as Meituan Bike as it abandons its standalone app to be included in internet giant Meituan’s platform as an in-app feature.

The Chinese bike-rental firm will also become a distinct business group within the lifestyle services company. Wang Huiwen, Meituan’s senior vice president and co-founder, made the announcement in an internal memo to employees on Wednesday morning. A company spokesperson later confirmed the news to TechNode.

As an early adopter of Mobike and a daily rider, I’m saddened to see the brand go as it becomes assimilated by its new parent company. Mobike’s brand is strong, but it makes more sense for Meituan to strengthen their brand by rebranding Mobike with Meituan’s name. Locals who don’t follow business news have no idea that Mobike is now part of Meituan. The rebranding will change that.

Ofo bikes are noticeably less available now, with busy bike sharing points being flooded by Mobike, and often with the newest model.