Dropbox on Ventura


Peter Steinberger:

The new Dropbox version for macOS Ventura is absolute garbage. fileproviderd is eating my CPU alive, files are no longer really on disk so QuickLook and some apps fail, etc. How did this ship, even as beta?

I ditched Dropbox sometime back after having too many problems with it. I used OneDrive alongside iCloud Drive for a while due to work needs. However, OneDrive also has also had issues with Apple Silicon machines. That has made me remove OneDrive and only use the web version when I really need to.

Michael Tsai:

I’ve mostly switched to iCloud Drive, and when I do need to access Dropbox I do so via Transmit

I totally forgot about the option of using Transmit to access Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Something worth a try.

Despite my earlier reservations about iCloud Drive, it has served me well so far. When I upgraded Monterey, I moved to setup where most of my files and folders were on iCloud Drive so they stay synced across machines.


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