iPhone Analytics


Michael Tsai:

Tommy Mysk (Hacker News):

It seems that the #AppStore app on iOS 14.6 sends every tap you make in the app to Apple.


It’s unclear if Apple still collects analytics data in iOS 16, even when sharing analytics and personalized recommendations are switched off. Regardless, the App Store already knows a lot about our behavior and how we explore apps.

I have always preferred to share usage information with Apple because I believe in providing the engineers with as much information as they would need to keep improving the products, not just for me but for all users.

However, as Apple shifts to providing ads, I’m not sure if I would still be so ready to share my usage data. I’m not comfortable with giving my information to Apple so that Apple can try to get me people to spend more money.

Of course, Apple defines things so that it’s not “tracking” if the data isn’t linked to you personally and isn’t shared with other companies.

Apple’s point is valid, but not comforting for me as a user.


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