Evernote acquired by Bending Spoons


So what does Bending Spoons gain with the purchase? Another feather in its software cap, it’d seem. The European tech company makes apps like video editor Splice, 30 Day Fitness, Live Quiz and photo editor Remini, which combined have about 100 million users.

via Tech Crunch

The announcement really does mark the end of an era. The fact that most note-taking apps of today feature an Evernote importer is a testament to Evernote’s popularity over the years.

I am really happy to have been a user from the early days and had the opportunity to speak on Evernote’s platform almost a decade ago.

While I feel Evernote’s product in 2022 is pretty compelling, and look upon Evernote Home fondly, it unfortunately took way too long to get to this point. In the last decade, we’ve seen many other more dynamic productivity and note-taking tools appear.

Let’s hope that this move could be a catalyst to kickstart Evernote again, though the odds seem stacked against it.



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