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  • Evernote acquired by Bending Spoons

    So what does Bending Spoons gain with the purchase? Another feather in its software cap, it’d seem. The European tech company makes apps like video editor Splice, 30 Day Fitness, Live Quiz and photo editor Remini, which combined have about 100 million users. via Tech Crunch The announcement really does mark the end of an era. The […]

  • Google paid Activision Blizzard to stay on Play Store

    Florian Mueller (via Michael Tsai): The world now knows that in January 2020, Google signed a three-year agreement with Activision Blizzard King (“ABK”), “pursuant to which Google agreed to pay ABK approximately $360 million” in order to dissuade Activision Blizzard from creating its own Android app store. Three-hundred and sixty million dollars for not competing. Bad timing. […]

  • gets a redesign

    Apple gave us a glimpse of its redesign last month, and now the redesign is officially available to everybody. The new dashboard view feels a lot more useful than the previous design, and you can tell that there have been some subtle refinements. Apple will need to continue to refine and improve its web […]

  • Notion AI announced

    Notion has announced Notion AI, which is currently in Alpha. While there has been a lot of recent discussion of how AI and art can deal with the copyright challenges ahead, copywriting and other creative industries will soon face a similar challenge. Notion says that Notion AI will be free during the Alpha, but will […]

  • OneDrive on Mac takes up 1 GB

    Nick Heer on Pixel Envy: This is not limited to operating systems, either. Users are disrespected by increasing and surprising bloat in applications. For work, I need to run the Microsoft OneDrive client on one of my Macs, and I was surprised to see that it recently crossed the 1 GB threshold. This is a file […]

  • iPhone Analytics

    Michael Tsai: I have always preferred to share usage information with Apple because I believe in providing the engineers with as much information as they would need to keep improving the products, not just for me but for all users. However, as Apple shifts to providing ads, I’m not sure if I would still be […]

  • PowerPoint sending your data to Microsoft

    Roger González Gutiérrez (via Michael Tsai): Microsoft is phoning home the content of your PowerPoint slides. […] Make a new slide with a title of your choice. Choose “Designer.” Look at your network traffic as you do. It makes sense: the tool is reading your text and suggesting designs/delivering stock photography. But this means that any data […]

  • Pantone requires subscription in Adobe 

    Stephen Hackett: “To access the complete set of Pantone Color Books, Pantone now requires customers to purchase a premium license through Pantone Connect and install a plug-in using Adobe Exchange.” As a creative that uses Pantone regularly, it is a slap on the face. Companies that use Pantone colours in the design, print, and production […]

  • Twitter considering charging for verification

    John Gruber: It’s Twitter that benefits from millions of users being able to feel certain that the “Stephen King” with 7 million followers on Twitter is really theStephen King. It’s Twitter that benefits from Nate Silver engaging with users and tweeting analysis. Popular tweeters aren’t getting paid to tweet. And now Elon Musk thinks they should […]

  • Stage Manager in macOS 13.0 Ventura

    John Voorhees: When Stage Manager is set up and running the way I want, it’s fantastic. The trouble is the ‘set up’ part. The feature is simply too laborious to set up, and some of its interactions are an over-caffeinated mess. Stage Manager feels awesome and tidies up the clutter on the desktop. As someone […]