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  • Pantone requires subscription in Adobe 

    Stephen Hackett: “To access the complete set of Pantone Color Books, Pantone now requires customers to purchase a premium license through Pantone Connect and install a plug-in using Adobe Exchange.” As a creative that uses Pantone regularly, it is a slap on the face. Companies that use Pantone colours in the design, print, and production…

  • Twitch is ditching Flash and switching to HTML5

    The Verge reported on Twitch ditching Flash and switching to HTML5. The streaming service today announced that it was rolling out a redesign to its video player controls, replacing the old Flash versions with new Javascipt and HTML5 options. This isn’t the end for Flash on Twitch just yet — for now the site’s videos…

  • Mozilla has had enough of Flash’s security flaws, disables Firefox plugin

    The Next Web reported on Mozilla disabling Firefox’s flash plugin. Mozilla has blocklisted all vulnerable versions of Adobe Flash in its Firefox browser, following the discovery of numerous critical security flaws in the platform. Mark Schmidt, head of Firefox Support, took to Twitter to announce the change. https://twitter.com/MarkSchmidty/status/620783674561327104/photo/1 Fall out from this.

  • Apple had to follow Android’s lead in Flash in order to be cool

    John Gruber wrote about Christopher Dawson of ZDNet writing on the lack of Flash support on iOS. Dawson: I give Apple a year until they cave. Android tablets will just be too cool and too useful for both entertainment and enterprise applications if they don’t. YouTube now defaults to HTML5 video instead of Flash.