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  • Why QR codes trump NFC in China

    TechNode reported on Why QR codes trump NFC in China. Barrier of entry is much higher for NFC compared to QR code payment. This applies both for consumers and vendors. Consumers need to have devices that come with NFC and vendors need equipment that can accept NFC payments. QR code, on the other hand has […]

  • Apple Pay competitor CurrentC may not launch until next year

    Re/code reported on Apple Pay competitor CurrentC possibly not launching until next year. CurrentC, the payments app being created by a consortium of big retailers known as MCX, may not launch widely this year as originally planned, MCX CEO Brian Mooney told Re/code in an interview on Tuesday. The company will begin a public pilot […]

  • Why Android Pay isn’t really about payments at all

    PYMNTS.com wrote about why Android Pay isn’t really about payments at all. Which means that it has a huge fragmentation problem staring it right in the face – a huge obstacle when trying to replicate an Apple-like strategy. At its launch, Google announced that Android Pay would be supported on devices running KitKat and higher. […]

  • Apple Pay security

    Jim Dalrymple wrote on Fortune about the effect of Apple Pay on the App Store. The fact that none of these guys brought up or seemed at all concerned about cybertheft may tell you more than any headline that contains the words Apple, Pay and Fraud. “There’s no downside,” says Spring’s Alan Tisch. “Anything in […]

  • How secure is Samsung Pay?

    Mashable raised questions about the security of Samsung Pay. Samsung copied Apple Pay but needed a differentiating factor. Samsung Pay incorporates LoopPay technology to allow its phones to work at magstrip readers. These are the types of credit card readers seen at most U.S. retailers — but Apple Pay doesn’t work with them. Apple’s mobile […]

  • WSJ’s false claim of Apple Pay fraud

    Rurik Bradbury wrote on Trustev about Wall Street Journal’s misleading headline. A hot and heavy headline at the Wall Street Journal, “Fraud Comes to Apple Pay,” gives the impression of some kind of security weakness in Apple’s new payment system, but it’s not justified. What has happened is that Apple Pay itself is basically fraud-proof, […]

  • Bill Gates heaps praise on Apple Pay

    CNET reported on Bill Gates heaping praise on Apple Pay. Gates, though, said that Apple’s true role was in creating the market: “All the platforms, whether it’s Apple’s or Google’s or Microsoft, you’ll see this payment capability get built in. That’s built on industry standard protocols, NFC. And these companies have all participated in getting […]

  • Customer data collection: why choose Apple Pay over CurrentC

    John Gruber wrote about Target’s customer data collection. This is what retailers like Target want to preserve, or even improve upon, with CurrentC. And this is exactly the sort of thing that Apple Pay, with its per-purchase unique tokens — is designed to prevent. So you think it is reasonable for retailers to collect data […]

  • Apple Pay is market leader in contactless payments after one week

    John Gruber wrote about Apple Pay being the market leader in contactless payments. One week, and Apple is already the market leader — using the same systems that Google Wallet and whatever else is out there have been using for years. And in retail locations (as opposed to within apps) it only works with one-month-old […]

  • CurrentC versus credit cards

    Ron Shevlin wrote for Snarketing 2.0 on CurrentC. Furthermore, let’s review again the impetus behind the MCX consortium. If merchants simply needed a place to push out more coupons and drive more business, they could have partnered with Google or Apple. But they didn’t. They set up their own payment processing capabilities, because the real […]