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  • Using the Apple Watch overnight

    John Gruber commented on using the Apple Watch overnight. I think sleep tracking is an inevitable feature for Apple Watch. I’ve been wearing a Series 2 to sleep lately, and I wake up with between 55-65 percent battery remaining. I can usually get to a full charge — or close enough, like say 98 percent […]

  • Quick Charging Would Be Great

    The Pixel charges via USB-C, and uses USB-PD (Power Direct) to pull a whopping 7 hours of battery life in fifteen minutes from its 18W charger when starting with a near-dead smartphone. (USB-PD, like most quick-charging solutions, scales down the power draw depending on how badly your smartphone is hurting for battery life.) Combine that […]

  • Google to finally fix a 2010 Chrome for Windows battery drain bug

    PCWorld reported that Google has finally promised to fix a battery bug in its Chrome browser. This bug wouldn’t be too surprising if it was introduced in a recent update. But according to Morris, the first report of it popped up in 2010, and a more recent bug report in Chromium has been racking up […]

  • Scientists invent self-healing electrode

    SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory reports that scientists have invented an electrode that heals itself. To make the self-healing coating, scientists deliberately weakened some of the chemical bonds within polymers – long, chain-like molecules with many identical units. The resulting material breaks easily, but the broken ends are chemically drawn to each other and quickly link […]